Fu*k Cancer Fight Club

The body achieves what the mind believes.

We are a sportswear brand that seeks to empower athletes whilst raising money to support ongoing research into cancer.

Cancer affects so many people, including somebody extremely close to our heart, so please join us in pushing our bodies to the limits, opening our minds to possibilities, and swinging the door wide open to a better future for those who receive the cancer diagnosis.

For every item of clothing you purchase with us, a proceed of the cost will go directly to a cancer charity of your choice and another huge FU*K cancer will be sent loud and clear into the universe!

Thank you for your support.

Our Story

FU*K Cancer Fight Club is inspired by athlete, physio, mum of 2 and partner to Chris, Jenni Muston.

High-energy, bubbly and enthusiastic for life, Jen has thrown herself into her family; her two young sons and fabulous partner Chris, into her career; working as a physiotherapist for the NHS, and into her sport; competing at a decent level in running and triathlon and being a CrossFitarian… all aged 49 years young!

Two short months after completing the London Marathon 2022, and just three days after being crowned the West Yorkshire Cross Country champion for her age group, Jen received the devastating diagnosis of Stage IV oesophageal and stomach cancer, which had already spread to the lymph nodes making surgery an unviable option.


Our products are individually produced to have the colour that resonates to you. The order process can take up to 6 weeks.