Our Story

Jenni is the driving force behind our brand. We are in awe of her passion for life, her determination to fight against cancer and her ambition to help other people who are affected by this deadly illness.

FU*K Cancer Fight Club is a sportswear brand that seeks to empower athletes whilst raising money to support ongoing research into cancer.

Cancer affects so many people, including somebody extremely close to our heart, so please join us in pushing our bodies to the limits, opening our minds to possibilities, and swinging the door wide open to a better future for those who receive the awful cancer diagnosis.

Read Jen’s story below…

Jenni Muston, athlete, physio, mum of 2 and partner to Chris, is a huge inspiration for our brand and we are in awe of her passion for life, her determination to fight against the cancer that has stolen so much from her and her ambition to help other people who are affected by this deadly illness.

High-energy, bubbly and enthusiastic for life, Jen threw herself into her family; her two young sons and fabulous partner Chris, into her career; working as a physiotherapist for the NHS, and into her sport; competing at a decent level in running and triathlon and being a CrossFitarian… all aged 49 years young!

Two short months after completing the London Marathon 2022, and just three days after being crowned the West Yorkshire Cross Country champion for her age group, Jen received the devastating diagnosis of Stage IV oesophageal and stomach cancer, which had already spread to the lymph nodes making surgery an unviable option.

Jenni was determined to fight and endured aggressive chemotherapy, as well as immunotherapy. Due to the nature of her work, working with vulnerable patients, Jen was unable to continue practising, but she was able to continue her training at CrossFit and keep running. Jenni completed a half marathon as a part of a team at Outlaw Half just nine days after her last round of treatment and raised an astonishing £4000 for The Christie Charity. The run was touch and go until the day before the race, and yet she managed to defy the odds and science.

In July 2023, Jen took on and conquered a 12km obstacle course at Total Warrior Leeds, with some of her friends who all competed in the Fu*k Cancer Fight Club kit using the colour of the oesophageal cancer ribbon, in her support.  

A few short weeks later Jenni went through high intensity radiotherapy to shrink the primary, and whilst this helped, she suffered an extreme reaction, losing a terrifying 8kg in 10 days, and then three weeks post radiotherapy she noticed a drastic climb in her heart rate and the introduction of a relentless cough. After six rounds of antibiotics and numerous hospital admissions, the hospital stated she had ‘pneumonia’. Jen continued to question the medics regarding her heart rate and was told, rather lightly, that there is currently little research into the effects of cancer on heart rate. We believe more research is needed here, and perhaps into the extreme effects of radiotherapy.

Jen moved into a hospice, hoping to rebuild after complicated breathing difficulties, which medical professionals have put down to lung metastasis, as opposed to any sort of infection as previously proposed.

Despite all Jen faced, the never-ending support she received from her family and friends in the form of hope, love and positivity proved itself to be the best medicine.

Jen was determined to get back to the strength she had before the radiotherapy, but sadly,  despite her fight, grit and overwhelming support to once again fight the beast that is the C, Jen passed away on Friday 26th January 2024.

In loving memory of Jenni Muston.